Technology has been a blessing to football though VAR antagonists will say otherwise. Since the introduction of VAR at the start of the 2019/20 season, it has formed the subject of discussion as stakeholders wondered if it is good for football or not. A lot of football fans have argued against VAR especially when it comes to offside calls.

Speaking in favour of VAR, it has been a blessing in the aspect of violent conducts as footballers rarely get away with dangerous play since the technology was introduced at the start of last season. VAR is always ready to step in whenever the centre referee or his two assistants miss a dangerous play incident. The technology ensures that players are punished on incidents relating to both violent conduct and dangerous play.

If VAR was in existence over a decade ago, Jose Bosingwa won’t have gotten away with his foul on Yossi Benayoun. Chelsea right-back Jose Bosingwawas lucky to end the Premier League encounter with Liverpool without a red card in 2009.

Jose Bosingwastamped on the back of Liverpool attacker Benayoun and the Portuguese international player was even able to escape without a booking from the incident. Had VAR operations began at Stockley Park, it’s hard to see how Jose Bosingwa would have gotten away with the kung-fu kick on his opponent.

The incident involving Bosingwa and Benayoun happened in stoppage time of the league game and the former was even awarded a free-kick. Bosingwawas given a free-kick by assistant referee Mo Matador. Matador believed that Benayoun was obstructing play in a bid to preserve the 1-0 lead held by Liverpool at the time. To make matters worse, Bosingwa was not charged for violent conduct since assistant referee Matador saw the incident.