Press Pass Extra: Costly calls against Chelsea

Jose Bosingwa Online video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. ajpegler2008 says:

    ESPN lads are talking bullshit with seemingly no knowledge of laws of game.

  2. keyenamaku says:

    Everyone saw the match then why EPL not investigate on the referee chris foy?? 2 red card in 1 game plus penalty?? or EPL has lost their integrity??

    Referee must be neutral they are prohibited to join the gamble because if they do so then the referee could set the score you idiot..

  3. keyenamaku says:

    yeaah eat that money you arshole
    chris foy are one of the referee you can bribe..
    you bloody idiot

  4. Suiram82 says:

    @ljb265 It doesn’t matter. Learn the rules.

  5. kjbarca10717 says:

    @ljb265 That doesn’t have anything to do with it, he still tackled the player right????? Yes.A 2 footed tackle is a straight red in fooball.Even John Obi Mikel knew it was a red card…

  6. seksfibreglass says:

    Why waste time on these ridiculous calls and not show Alan Hutton take out Shane Long? Not even a foul and 100 times worse than all these fouls together. Out for 6weeks with crapped kneecap, ‘lucky’ they say it wasnt ligament damage.
    Show THAT clip. McLeish and Hutton even mentioned how that was their game plan all week.

    Good job fellas: concentrate on the soft PK and whine about diving and totallt bypass the attempt to injure,.

  7. safifaruqi says:

    well i cant argue against drogs red but rest was all bull. if u cal luizs a penalty then every epl match will have pens in it

  8. ljb265 says:

    drogba got ball first