Manchester United should already start searching for a new manager

Louis van Gaal took charge of Manchester United back in May of 2014 and ever since then; he has received heavy criticism due to the boring playing style that the team has been displaying in the pitch. Despite having a fairly slower paced style, Manchester United managed to go through a very impressive and successful 2014-15 Premier League season as the team claimed the 4th spot and will be competing in the upcoming Champions League.

Claiming the 4th spot of the Premier League is impressive as you have to take into consideration that when Manchester United took charge of the club, it was broken down due to the disastrous campaign that the club was positioned under the guidance of David Moyes.

However, Manchester United should already begin to start searching around for yet another manager as Louis van Gaal has revealed his plans to retire  and step down from his managerial career in 2017.

Manchester United’s Louis van Gaal said:“I will give it up in 2017. I promised that to my wife. We have not many years together any more.That is the reason. I have to admit I have said to her, when I met her and after our relationship seemed to be very good, that at 55 I shall quit. I am still working and next week I am 64. I have done everything in my career as a manager. I have been in the Netherlands, my home country, in Spain, which is a fantastic league, and Germany is also a fantastic league.I participated in the World Cup. The only wish was the Premier League. Now I am here.”

That was the statement which was released by Louis van Gaal as he stated that his managerial career is reaching it’s end as he has already done everything in his bucket-list.

It would be a wise decision for Manchester United to already start setting their sights in who will be replacing Louis van Gaal as they are going to need a capable manager who can appropriately succeed the Dutch coach and avoid sustaining another underwhelming campaign which is what happened during the managerial stay of David Moyes.