From being the kings of Europe to struggling with QPR

Jose Bosingwa was part of a Champions League winning squad with Chelsea during the season of 2011-12 as the Premier League club defeated Bayern Munich in the finals in a match that was decided with a penalty session.

This match was played on May 19 of 2012 at the Allianz Arena in Germany. Bosingwa played for the entirety of this encounter. The Portuguese defender received huge praise from his performance in that match as he managed to keep Franck Ribery at bay as the French defender was not able to play at his usual pace and was limited to only a few moments with the ball under his control.

3 months after this Champions League final and Bosingwa made a move to Queens Park Rangers where his career took a significant dip as he had an unhealthy relationship with the coach at that time, Harry Redknapp.

When the Champions League finals between Chelsea and Bayern Munich was over, Didier Drogba later revealed that Jose Bosingwa was actually one of the most influential and key figures who made the victory happen.

In the autobiography of Didier Drogba, there is a segment where the Ivorian writes about the impact of Bosingwa in the finals of the Champions League which says: “The players really stepped up to take responsibility. The manager was telling BranislavIvanovic to play centre back but Jose Bosingwa said, ‘No, no, I will play centre back’, and carried on to say where he thought others should play. “‘I don’t care’, I remember saying. ‘I can play left back if necessary. We don’t need a striker. I’ll play striker and left back, whatever it takes’.”

After making such a big impact with Chelsea, Bosingwa made a move to QPR and his career has not been the same ever since as he has not managed to lift any other significant piece of silverware and this is such a huge blow for a player who still had a few more years left in him to perform at a high level and continue winning more major titles but after everything was said and done.

An unhealthy relationship with Harry Redknapp led to Bosinwga only spending 1 season with QPR even though his contract was for 3 years and now he is performing with Trabzonspor which isn’t a real known club, at least compared to his other previous clubs.