Chelsea (vs) Arsenal: Team News, Formation and General Tactics

Jose Bosingwa Video Rating: three / five


  1. CFCEmpire says:


    Actually, if you read the pre-match analysis on my blog: cfcempire(dot)wordpress(dot)com, I clearly talk about this very problem. It’s in the paragraph right under the video…Check it out.

    By the way, thanks a lot for commenting and exchanging views. I appreciate it.

  2. eyesea says:

    @CFCEmpire also we have a lot of players who are not used to playing high line so it messed up our gaps and defensive coverages

  3. eyesea says:

    @CFCEmpire i dont know if you got the tactics right as much as our high line was doomed to fail from the get go. i wouldve never played a high line with essentially a back 3 of terry brane and mikel vs walcott gervinho rvp

  4. CFCEmpire says:


    Well, you certainly got the formation correct, whereas I got the tactics right. We can’t leave so may men in our opponent’s half in our quest to win the ball back like we have been lately. Too vulnerable in counter attacks,

  5. eyesea says:

    @CFCEmpire haha we shall see if i deserve any credit by the game.. up the chels

  6. CFCEmpire says:


    Spot on, pal! I’ll be sure to mention you in my next video…

  7. eyesea says:

    @CFCEmpire i watched some gervinho with lille but mostly with ivory coast and some with arse recently. he’s a creative spark going forward and dangerous off the ball but run at him and he’ll get tired, frustrated, lazy and take silly fouls. bosinga probably has as much or more flat out pace and won’t be out muscled in a 50/50. as for formation i would do what AVB seems to usually do with mikel which is have him in his normal role but with more latitude to move through the middle vertically

  8. CFCEmpire says:


    That’s a very good point. I haven’t seen a lot of Gervinho, honestly. If what you say about him is indeed true (as for Walcott, I concur — he lacks discipline), then playing Mikel would be a tactically sound decision.

    Would you still keep 4-3-3 in that case, or switch to a 4-1-2-3 instead?

  9. eyesea says:

    @CFCEmpire yup. thought abt your formation tho i think i’d go with mikel just cuz arse will totally depend on RVP. with mikel in he shuts down arses ability to get the ball up and RVP to hold up play and link up. also gervinho and walcott are poor backtrackers and lack discipline, bosingwa and cole could tear them up down the touch line and wear them out fast making them work

  10. CFCEmpire says:


    Can’t wait to see Torres ripping Arsenal’s defense apart!

  11. eyesea says:

    you are the man. KTBFFH brah