Panathinaikos only change was Charis Mavrias

The only signing that the Greek side Panathinaikos made during the January transfer window was Charis Mavrias who was acquired on a loan deal which lasts until the end of the current season.

CharisMavrias is a 20 year old winger who has been hailed to be one of the next generations of players hailing from Greece. At the young age of 13, Mavrias had already signed his professional contract with Panathinaikos and was promoted to the first team squad.

The young winger was a sporadic player for Panathinaikos during his time performing between the years 2010-2012 before he went on to sign with the Premier League club Sunderland which had signed him for a fee of €2.6 million.

Things began to fall apart for Mavrias ever since he joined the English club as he began to spend more time on the sidelines of Sunderland than on the actual pitch even though the club had offloaded more than €2 million in order to secure his services. Mavrias did have some slim minutes and opportunities to demonstrate his talent on the pitch but he couldn’t manage to replicate what he had done during his time in Panathinaikos.

Mavrias was mostly involved in the U-21 squad of Sunderland as he was being overlooked and just not good enough to be promoted to the senior squad of his new club with just unused substitutions being his main role at the club.

After having gone through such a mediocre stint in the English Premier League with Sunderland, CharisMavrias agreed to make a return to Panathinaikos on a loan deal which will run up until June of the ongoing year which is when the current season reaches it’s end. This is a good move for the player as he joins the place where he managed to stand out in a certain point of his career.

At the age of 20, Mavrias has an entire career ahead of him and his fairly slow start with Sunderland shouldn’t hamper what the Greek winger has to offer in any team but he needs to start getting consistent playing time on the pitch of a team in order to begin developing as a player for the future.