Donovan Confident They Can Make AN Impact

Landon Donovan is one of the few players in the LA Galaxy team to have an experience of what it means to play against Manchester United. The Premier League giants will be coming up against LA Galaxy in a pre-season friendly match for the Europeans. The MLS team, on the other hand, are in the best possible condition since their season is midway. As a result, they are expected to provide stiff competition to United in the pre-season friendly match. There is a lot of positivity surrounding United after the appointment of Louis van Gaal and the arrival of new players in the transfer window.

Despite this, Donovan is confident that his team can create an impact in the match. The US international will especially be in the best possible condition after not taking part in the World Cup 2014. He was left out of the squad by manager Klinsmann, but this has allowed him to concentrate on his club career. The 32-year-old came up against United in the two loan spells against Everton. In winter will not only be coming up against LA Galaxy, but also against the other MLS teams as well. They will be playing in places like Washington DC, Detroit, and Denver. Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and Roma are also touring the United States right now.

“It is exciting. I think for our guys we don’t often get the chance to play against a team like this, we don’t get to play in front of 60,000-70,000 people all the time so it will be exciting. As everybody knows nowadays you don’t get friendly matches anymore and obviously with a new manager and some new players for them they’re going to be ready to go and we’ll do the same,” said Donovan. The match will be held at the Rose Bowl stadium in California.